Kode Sports was created in a small Brisbane bedroom in 2013, officially known as Fitness Bling. The small at home business used Facebook as its only platform to advertise a range of fitness inspired motivational pendents and dog tags.

By 2014 the hobby business had significantly grown which saw just over 3000 likes on Facebook, 9000 followers on instagram and over 1800 sales. The jewellery range was in demand in 4 countries. Although Fitness Bling began as just a fitness jewellery hotspot, owner Moana Maria had been in the graphic design, signage and marketing industry for 17years with a plethora of clientele in Australia and NZ and wanted to use her skills to create more of an impact in the fitness and sports industry.

May 2014 was the beginning of the Fitness Blings compression legging range. After 3months of designing, testing fabrics and remaking patterns, Fitness Bling launched its first style of compression leggings strictly for the female market. The product was sold on Facebook and pop up shops around the Brisbane area. Fitness Bling had gained a name that clients trusted for a top quality unique product.

By 2015 Fitness Bling had now opened its services to other companies wanting to manufacturing their own designs which opened their services to the wholesale market. We were now developing our own fitness brand in the industry aswell as extending our manufacturing services to other businesses.
2016 Fitness Bling had expanded to over 7000 followers on Facebook and a steady following of clients. It was time to morph Fitness Bling again and see what else we could offer in the market whilst growing with our clients. After some research, an opportunity presented itself and allowed Fitness Bling to take the next step which changed the entire dynamic of the business. We extended our services into sports clubs and team wear. But what could we offer that set us apart from other manufacturing companies. Our niche product became Moana Maria’s knowledge in cultural pattern, art and design.
From 2013 – 2018 our clientele has grown to over 5000 clients in 3 countries and 4 pacific islands.

With all the growth of the business, the name Fitness Bling no longer represented the company. KODE Sports (Knock Out Design Experts) is now making the change over for a positive future in the manufacturing industry.